About Us

“We are Education Consultants and not Agents”

Estero is a New Zealand registered education management entity that assists students from Asia Pacific to study in universities based primarily in New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. The organisation is focused on providing an unbiased and ethical student consultation process to support students pave their way to success. With physical presence in 9 locations across India, Nepal and Sri Lanka – Estero aims at making higher education accessible; along with building student capabilities as future employees by connecting students and working professionals with the right program in the right institution. The current pandemic has made blended learning as the most viable option for students to continue their education. Estero has been actively involved in identifying, creating and managing university collaborations between Indian and foreign institutions, to alleviate the current challenge of movement of students across borders to complete their education.

Founded in December 2011, Estero comprises of a well-knit team of experienced senior management as well as a young vibrant team of counsellors. The organisation is led by the experience of an entrepreneur who himself started as an international student and thereafter was actively involved in the overseas education sector. The organization works very closely with stakeholders from the education sector to promote high quality educational institutions across the globe. Estero partners with Universities, Institutes of Technologies, Polytechnics and Schools across the world to identify the highest value opportunities for students.

What sets Estero apart is their integrity, reputation and strive for excellence. The team is always keen to understand each and every individual’s interest and background to provide an unbiased, ethical and appropriate career advice. At Estero, the success parameter is the positive outcomes that their clients reap abroad.

Estero is an Education New Zealand Recognized Agency (by Education New Zealand) and represents all the 8 New Zealand universities which are ranked among the QS 500 World Universities. Estero is thus listed as a trusted partner on the Education New Zealand’s student focussed website –

Message from our Leader

We are an education consultant and not an agent. Our objective is to help students choose a career path that matches their skills and future goals. While doing this, we ensure to stay ethical in our approach towards the selection of a particular institution or a particular program. I started as an international student too in 2009 when I enrolled for a master’s degree at the University of Auckland. The biggest motivation to start Estero was my experience of the initial days of application process for New Zealand and Australian universities. Despite having good academic scores and a sound financial background, I faced countless challenges dealing with education consultants, initiation and completion of admission process, preparing for my journey to New Zealand as well as the transition to a completely new world. It was a daunting task. My experience of studying at a top-ranked world university and consequently working for the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise helped me to understand the overseas education sector. Bringing my personal and professional experience together, I along with my team would like to ensure that every student gets the best opportunity to grow and excel in their career. Our objective is to advise and not decide for the student.

Managing Director

Our Mission

We believe career choice for every individual is a very important decision and hence needs to be handled with high degree of sensitivity as well as integrity. Therefore, our organisation’s mission is to:

Why Estero New Zealand

Our services

Our services include:

Career Counselling – a session of 40-60 mins minimum

Assistance with country, university and course selection

Assistance with admissions to selected institutions

Assistance with education loan

Preparation and assistance with visa application

Post arrival settlement services

Free first consultation with a NZ based Licensed Immigration Advisor on guidance to future visas

Opportunity to attend university sessions without any registration costs

IELTS and PTE training

Our Partners

Awards & Recognition

By Education New Zealand

Period: 2015 to present

Education New Zealand Recognised Agency

Education New Zealand is a crown entity of government of New Zealand that focusses on promoting New Zealand as a study destination for international students and further supports the delivery of education services offshore. ENZ Recognised Agencies have been acknowledged by the New Zealand government for the commitment they show to the New Zealand institutions. These agencies are chosen because of their track record of successfully enrolling students to the New Zealand educational institutions. These recognised agencies are reliable ones as they follow the code of conduct that prioritizes students’ needs and wellbeing.

By Higher Education Review Magazine

Period: 2019-20

Higher Education Consultant of the Year 2020

Higher Education Review magazine is a platform where Academic/ college leaders, professors, Industry leaders, HR leaders, expert advisors, for admissions and alumni share their experience. This provides students that are looking for higher education, job opportunities, the right information about different organizations that might help in their academic and career elevation. Estero was recognised as the Higher Education Consultant of the year 2020 for its contribution in supporting students to achieve their aspirations of studying abroad.

By The Knowledge Review Magazine

Period: February 2020

Higher Education Leader to Lookout for in 2020

The Knowledge Review is an international education magazine for universities, students, teachers and parents offering news, blogs, articles and courses from the best universities. The award was given to Mr. Garg (Managing Director, Estero) as part of 10 leaders, innovators and global citizens who guide students towards their desired universities and field of choice giving them a direction to achieve their dreams.

Official Study Abroad Partner

Estero New Zealand works with a number of universities and high schools in India, to help the institutions create an ecosystem that helps students gain exposure to New Zealand’s way of learning.