International Programs

With the ideology to provide a complete international experience to the students,

Estero New Zealand identifies, creates and manages educational collaboration opportunities between institutions from New Zealand and India. We work with high schools, vocational training providers, language schools and tertiary education providers to identify their strengths and resources. Based on this, we look for the right match of an education provider in a similar capacity from New Zealand; leading to a well-knitted, well-established education project that helps a student transit from his current education level to a higher education level. Such education pathways are beneficial for students who wish to gain global exposure and at the same time gain internationally recognised qualification at a relatively lesser study expense.

Educational collaborations identified and created by our organization are exemplary models of successfully blended learning programs. They empower, inspire, and connect institutions together with the students to help them achieve their goals and make their dreams of overseas higher education become a reality.

If you are an institution and would like to express interest in formulating education partnerships, semester immersion programs, short term education tours, exchange programs and pathway arrangements with institutions based in New Zealand, please connect with us on +91 8447838452 or email to

Why should I opt for a pathway program?

The international programs are aimed towards providing a global exposure to students in education. Such programs help students in multiple ways.

Save on the cost of overseas education (study & living cost).

Better transition from home to host country.

Gain qualifications which are recognised worldwide.

Qualifications from universities ranked among the QS World 500 Universities.

Gain access to the New Zealand job market via the post study work visa policy.

Full assistance from an Education New Zealand Recognised Agency

How does the pathway program work?

Under the pathway program, the student enrolls in their choice of undergraduate degree at one of the partner institutions in India. On completing their pre-defined number of semesters at the home institution (1-1.5 years), they transition to New Zealand to complete their remainder of the qualification. On graduation they gain a world recognised qualification from the overseas university alongside the opportunity to gain work experience overseas (as per the respective immigration policy of the host country)

Pathway programmes provide a relatively seamless transition to overseas education.

What are my study options?

(Undergraduate & Postgraduate)

(Undergraduate & Postgraduate)


(Undergraduate & Postgraduate)