How does an education consultant play a key role in realizing your decision to study overseas?

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The decision to study overseas can be a daunting process as there can be a lot of factors to consider. A student should be sure of the choice of country, the institution and most importantly the program they wish to enroll in. When a person decides to go overseas for education, it is important for them to know the right details from the right people. Majority of the international students look for agents or consultants to help them through the process. Hence, it is very important to choose an authorized and reputable agency that has had a track record of successfully sending students abroad. For insuring authenticity, all the countries have their nodal agencies which are responsible to promote, maintain and manage education related opportunities overseas. Education New Zealand (nodal agency of Government of New Zealand) maintains an agency partnership program called Education New Zealand Recognized Agency. They ensure a committed code of conduct that the agencies have to follow including but not limited to prioritizing the wellbeing of students, ensuring ethical and professional service as well as sharing authentic information. Along with the consultation of choosing the right course, these agencies provide with detailed information about the process and ensure successful admission followed by post-admission assistance making the journey much easier. Such agencies are considered to be experts in the respective study destination, and they are able to assist the students across the entire process without any professional fee.

Estero is a New Zealand registered entity that consults and sends students from South Asia and Middle East region to the right Universities in New Zealand, United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Estero defines itself as an education consultant and not as an agent. This is because we consult the students in making the right decision and we derive our success based on the positive outcomes that our students reap overseas. Estero is led by an entrepreneur who has been an international student himself, supported by a team of professionals who have either studied overseas or have experience of going through the process of international education. This makes Estero the right place for you to learn about all your options, understand the courses, seek advice and help beyond the entire process of reaching the study destination. Our services ranging from career counselling, assisting with admissions, supervising the visa documentation to post departure guidance; will guide you through your path to a new phase of your professional and academic journey.

Estero New Zealand has been successfully helping students realize their dream to study at the top ranked New Zealand universities since a decade (almost!). We have been recognized by Education New Zealand as an Education New Zealand Recognized Agency. Under the ENZRA certification, Education New Zealand recognizes a reputable agency with a track record of successfully enrolling students in New Zealand. This helps the student and professionals to choose the right people without getting misled.

There are many further benefits of working with a recognised agency. Agents including Estero often host information events and education fairs where you get a chance to meet the representatives from the Universities to get a better understanding on the choice of programs. The best part is that at Estero, we don’t charge any consultation or processing fee.

If you dream to achieve the best quality education, explore the world, achieve your career goals and build your future, Estero is the place where we will help you reach your desired destination. At Estero, we work for you and with you. Reach out to us and let us help you in making your journey easier and efficient.

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