Meet Our Expert Session
with Mr. Ashish Suri

June 6, 2021
12:00 Noon IST

Estero’s Meet our Expert sessions are an excellent opportunity to meet professionals who have a plethora of experience in the overseas education industry. They have either been international students themselves or have been exposed to experience how life is for a student overseas. An initiative by Estero, these sessions are created to build a common space for students/professionals who seek opportunities abroad.

Our expert for this session is Mr. Ashish Suri who is the Market Manager, South Asia at University of Waikato. Ashish is a Higher Education Professional 16+yrs of experience, expertise in Higher Education, New Markets, Key Account Management. He manages Agent Networks, Student Enquiries, Develop Relationships with Key Partners and Stakeholders across South Asia. He has also been a former faculty of IIPM for MBA for more than 6 years. In these 16 years, he has been bestowed with a number of awards and recognitions in the higher education sector.

Learn about starting your Bachelor degree in New Zealand with your Year 12 scores. Know more about from Mr. Ashish Suri.

Register today as we bring him on board to answer your queries ranging from your course in India and New Zealand, scholarships, study options at the University of Waikato.